Indian Red Imperial Red Granite, Polished Natural Red Granite Cut to size

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product name : Indian Red Granite

introduction to products :  Indian Red Granite is  weather-resistant and durable, able to withstand a variety of climatic conditions and environmental stresses. Its hardness allows it to maintain its original appearance for a long time and is not easily worn or damaged. Additionally, Indian Red Granite is also anti-pollution and anti-bacterial, making it very popular in medical, catering and sanitation facilities.  Overall, Indian Red Granite is a versatile stone suitable for a variety of interior and exterior design projects. 

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Indian red (large flower) - dense granite structure, hard texture, acid and alkali resistance, good weather resistance, can be used outdoors for a long time. The characteristics and advantages of granite include high bearing capacity, pressure resistance and excellent grinding ductility. It is easy to cut, shape, create thin plates and large plates, etc., and can be made into a variety of surface effects -- polishing, matte, fine grinding, fire, water knife treatment and sandblasting. Generally used for ground, step, base, step, cornice and other places, mostly used for outdoor wall, ground, column decoration.

Special advantages:

Provide customers with more accurate customized drawing products

Provide customers with fast production time.

Provide customers with satisfactory after-sales service.

Provide customers with integrated solutions of QC, container loading, booking, CAD drawings/3D CAD drawings.

Why choose us:

In my factory, we have seven different studios for different product processing, such as project studio for cutting according to size, tombstone/tombstone studio, fireplace studio, cutting studio, shape design studio and artificial flower studio, for decoration and commemoration.

There are CNC machines in my factory to help us make orders for buyers, and more effective and accurate shapes for your drawings, such as automatic design molding cutting machine, automatic polishing machine, hacksaw, and heavy stone cutting machine, automatic carving machine, four-axis cutting machine We also have drawing designers, quality control workers, and three managers.

We can provide a large number of plates in a very short time. Speed and quality are the pursuit of all of us. We try our best to provide customers with 100% satisfaction.

Our normal production materials mainly include natural black granite, gray granite, green granite, pink granite, red granite, white granite, yellow granite, bluestone, limestone, etc

The top surface can be polished, honing, flame, bush hammering, sandblasting, natural splitting…
why choose us?