Granite slabs

  • Hot product grey granite stone slab

    Hot product grey granite stone slab

    Product introduction

    beida stone belongs to granite, which is hard, dense and easy to process. It is a good stone. beida green stone has uniform design and color and uniform board surface. beida green stone takes black as the tone and white flowers as decoration. It is very beautiful. Compared with black stone, beida green black board is dotted with white spots, which highlights the characteristics beida green itself. Compared with Chinese black stone, beida Green has a good price advantage. In the picture display, there are beida green stone board display and the effect pictures of later finished product pavement. beida green board has excellent pavement effect on the ground, which can be polished Matte and natural surface and other processing methods. You can choose the best processing method according to your own decoration effect.


  • Polished granite slabs grey marble slab marble slab table top for sale

    Polished granite slabs grey marble slab marble slab table top for sale

    Product introduction:

    Product Name: black stone plate

    Product processing: special shape

    Processed products: fountain decoration

    Black slab is the most widely used material in stone decoration, such as indoor decoration: kitchen countertop, interior wall decoration, toilet floor; Outdoor decoration: the paving of villa swimming pool, fountain, external wall and outdoor ground. The picture shows the finished products of black slab after polishing, special-shaped processing and edging. The products are used at the bottom of the fountain. The fashionable personality and natural characteristics shown by natural stone are unmatched by other decorative materials, With the passage of time, the black stone will be brighter and brighter, and will not be affected by external factors. Blackstone lasts forever and will be handed down from generation to generation. Choosing China black is your wisest choice.